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Vassallo Associates has extensive experience in implementing management systems not only in relation to organisations in the marine and energy industries, but also beyond. Our services in this area extend to clients in a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, telecommunications, construction, engineering, architectural and aviation fields.

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The ISO standards can best be summarised as the process of providing a framework for doing things in an agreed way, this helps to make products and services compatible so that they fit and work well together. A good example of a standard that is known all over the World is the ubiquitous A4 sheet of paper. This sheet will of course fit in any A4 compatible printer or photocopier in any country. ISO standards and processes allow businesses to benefit from similar very specific and defined standards, meaning that they can be confident that their product or service will fit the requirements of a local or global customer base. ISO certification increases credibility and trust and promotes best practice which helps to encourage trade.

Learn more about ISO standards by watching this video courtesy of the International Organization for Standardization.

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