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Business Advisory

Vassallo Associates’ approach starts with understanding your business strategy and operating environment, to ensure appropriate and sustainable solutions. Whether you are looking for support with matters of a legal or technical nature, or if you have a business problem which you don’t yet know how to address then we can help.

Our wide breadth of experience in multiple business and industry sectors combined with our own proven longevity of over 150 years in business means that we have a huge range of knowledge to draw upon when it comes to addressing your business requirements.

Cyber Security

The past decade has witnessed a huge change in the way that businesses operate. Geographic boundaries are no longer the barrier to entry that they once were and both customers and staff can be located in a different continent to your headquarters. The technology that has brought these new opportunities also brings new threats and vulnerabilities and Cyber Security must be a crucial part of any business strategy.

Management Systems

Our deep rooted experience in the implementation of management systems means that we can help build your management framework which will ensure that you will reduce business risk, gain stakeholder recognition, improve operational efficiencies and much more.

Risk Management

Our in-house experts can help you discover ways and means to reduce such risks and ensure safe continuity of your asset operations.

Supply Chain Risk Management

An effective supply chain security risk management programme enhances organisational resiliency and protects shareholder value.

Other Business Advisory Services

As well as the specific services above, we can also provide:

  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Assurance
  • Training and Awareness
  • Internal & External Audits

Contact us for a pro-bono initial consultation and benefit from our breadth of knowledge of multiple business sectors.

We will work with you to determine the most appropriate approach and develop a programme of services which will meet your requirements.